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BC Association of Fire Chaplains, 33854 Bush Crt, Mission, BC, Canada, V2V 7S2.     

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A) Provide a “Letter of Appointment” from your fire department.  
Have your fire department or sponsoring agency to write a brief letter on department letterhead that acknowledges your role as department chaplain.    We need to know you are actually connected to a fire department or emergency response agency.             

B) Provide a “Letter of Endorsement” from your ecclesiastical body.               
The endorsement letter is a statement from your religious denomination, order, church, or other body that confirms their endorsement of your role as a fire chaplain. BCAFC does not endorse individuals as chaplains. That should be done by someone who knows you and agrees that you are fit for this type of ministry. Note that this is not the same thing as ordination, only an endorsement of commitment and character.    


Complete the "Essentials of Fire Chaplaincy" course

Offered by us (BCAFC) or the Federation of Fire Chaplains. Check our  “Training” tab to see the next scheduled course.

The course fee is  $225 for new Members, and includes your first year of membership with the BCAFC. 

Once we receive your documents and you complete your course we will welcome you into membership and send you a welcome email and membership card and you’ll be part of an inter-dependant community of Fire Chaplains who serve BC Firefighters.  

This membership also provide you membership to:

US Federation of Fire Chaplains