The BCAFC was formed in 2015 with two main purposes in mind. 

Training Several BC Fire Chaplains made connections while attending training courses offered by the Federation of Fire Chaplains (USA.) We recognized the value in this training and in the community being formed. With the cooperation of the FFC, we are now able to offer Chaplain training here in BC that reflects our Canadian culture and builds a network of Chaplains throughout our province. 

Networking The nature of chaplaincy work cannot be done in isolation. There are times when chaplains will need to lean on one another. The experience of our broad community is a rich resource to individual chaplains and Fire Departments. We will work as a community to promote spiritual, emotional, and psychological health within the fire service. We will make ourselves available as a community to respond with chaplaincy support to any fire department or fire service personnel within BC when requested.

  “Let bravery be thy choice, but not bravado.”-Menander